Customer story: Rolls Royce

Rolls Royce uses an Azure IoT suite to identify performance and operational efficiencies. With thousands of sensors in a single engine, it's imperative to have the tools to read and understand them. While the insight derived from Azure might be easy to understand, it's the way your company handles information management that makes the difference. At EtiVenture Inc, we know this can be a challenge. As experts in the field, we've helped businesses like yours. Contact us today to find out more.

Gartner BI Quadrant

The Business Intelligence industry has seen a tremendous transformation in the last decade. The industry has come a long way, thanks to the progress in hardware and software knowledge that enables you to transform your large amount of data into actionable insights. The Gartner's magic quadrant indicates a shift in the new competition. The year...

Microsoft AI Commercial Featuring Common

With innovative technology such as artificial intelligence and mixed reality, we have more power at our fingertips than entire generations that came before us. Yet, technology is just a tool, and a tool is only as useful as the person who wields it. We're celebrating individuals and organizations using Microsoft technology to change lives, inspiring us all to see the possibility within emerging technologies.